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Myriad Colors Phantom World

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Myriad Colors Phantom World ist eine japanische Fantasy-Light-Romanreihe, die von Sōichirō Hatano geschrieben und von Shirabi illustriert wurde. Eine Anime-Adaption von Kyoto Animation wurde zwischen dem 7. Januar und dem März Myriad Colors Phantom World ist ein Anime des Studios»Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd.«mit dem Hauptgenre Actionkomödie. Beschreibung: In der nahen Zukunft;. Die Serie Myriad Colors Phantom World (Ger Sub) (watchbox) streamen ▷ Viele weitere Serien-Episoden aus dem Genre Anime im Online Stream bei. In the near future, monstrous creatures called “phantoms” descend upon the world. Haruhiko Ichijo is a student at Hosea Academy, along with Mai Kawakami,​. - Die Serie kostenlos von ▻ Myriad Colors Phantom World (Ger Sub) und viele weitere Serie aus dem Genre ▻ Anime kostenlos im Online-Stream.

Myriad Colors Phantom World

Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von Myriad Colors Phantom World überprüfen. In der nahen Zukunft; in einer Welt geschaffen durch die Vorstellungskraft der Menschen. Myriad Colors Phantom World ist eine japanische Fantasy-Light-Romanreihe, die von Sōichirō Hatano geschrieben und von Shirabi illustriert wurde. Eine Anime-Adaption von Kyoto Animation wurde zwischen dem 7. Januar und dem März Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy Originaltitel: Musaigen no Phantom World Studio: Kyoto Animation. Regie: Tatsuya Ishihara Buch: Souichirou Hatano. Sprecher. Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy Originaltitel: Musaigen no Phantom World Studio: Kyoto Animation. Regie: Tatsuya Ishihara Buch: Souichirou Hatano. Sprecher. Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von Myriad Colors Phantom World überprüfen. In der nahen Zukunft; in einer Welt geschaffen durch die Vorstellungskraft der Menschen. Wo und wann läuft "Myriad Colors Phantom World" im Fernsehen? Bisher keine deutsche TV-Ausstrahlung. Ich möchte vor dem nächsten Serienstart kostenlos. Entdecken Sie MYRIAD COLORS PHANTOM WORLD: COMP SERIES - MYRIAD COLORS PHANTOM WORLD: COMP SERIES (4 Blu-ray) und weitere.

Haruhiko Ichijou and Mai Kawakami are two of those that were granted such power as Haruhiko wields the ability to summon and seal phantoms through drawings while Mai imbues the power of the elements into martial arts.

Together, along with the friendly phantom Ruru, they form Team E of Hosea Academy which is dedicated to dealing with these often mischievous beings.

In a world where the real and surreal intertwine, Musaigen no Phantom World follows the adventures of a group of friends as they handle the everyday troubles caused by phantoms.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save. The Phantom is two sisters who insist on fighting Mai who quickly loses.

Mai decides to train Haruhiko and Reina to fight alongside her but fails. Haruhiko suggests they copy Mai's memories into his brain so he can fight without having to train.

Haruhiko and Mai go on a "date" to synchronize shared memories, of which Reina appears jealous. Mai recalls how she had two childhood friends, the only ones who would play with her.

The two Phantoms reappear and fight Mai and Haruhiko who end up synchronizing memories. Now fully trained Haruhiko realizes the Phantoms are Mai's childhood friends, and Mai had reshaped her own memories.

Rather than being shy she was actually very competitive and often beat the Phantoms in wrestling, who have now trained for 10 years to finally beat Mai.

Haruhiko finds that while he now knows how to fight he lacks the athletic ability to actually be able to.

Instead he uses Mai's memories to perform a synchronized magical attack with Mai, defeating the Phantoms who leave on good terms with Mai, promising to return for a rematch after more training.

While Haruhiko thinks Mai's memories will eventually disappear for the time being he enjoys being able to remember Mai's bra size.

Haruhiko lectures on the similarities and differences of families across different cultures. Reina proves how large her appetite is at an all-you-can-eat buffet and later regrets she must return home to her strict parents, who hate Phantoms and do not know Reina is a Phantom Eater.

She boards a strange bus. Haruhiko thinks Reina is being influenced by a Phantom. Koito confirms the bus is a Phantom and Reina is possessed.

The next time Reina boards the bus Haruhiko joins her and finds himself in a fantasy world where Reina is entranced by rabbit Phantoms who give her a delusion of a perfect life with a nice family and Haruhiko, now a part of the fantasy, believes he is her older brother.

They wake up outside Reina's house with virtually no time having passed since they boarded the bus. They realize Reina was targeted by the Phantom due to her unhappy home life.

Next time Mai joins Haruhiko and Reina on the bus and comes to believe she is Reina's estranged older sister. Haruhiko escapes the fantasy and wakes up Reina, causing the Phantom to reveal itself.

It offers to let Reina keep living the fantasy and she almost accepts until Haruhiko reveals he also has a sad home life but waits for the day his mother will come home.

Reina decides to abandon the fantasy and so the Phantom is defeated. Back in the real world Reina tells her parents the truth and receives permission to stay in the club.

Haruhiko talks about how singing has a variety of benefits for the brain. Koito uses her singing ability to defeat a Train Phantom.

She explains she has avoided people since her power appeared and usually fights Phantoms alone. She is asked to deal with a Phantom attacking school pets.

Koito meets young student Kurumi Kumamakura and her teddy bear Albrecht who cares for the schools rabbit.

The Phantom attacks and renders Koito unable to sing. Kurumi uses her power to transform Albrecht into a giant fighting version of himself to attack the Phantom which disappears.

Koito insists on hunting the Phantom alone without help. They decide to make it a competition to see who catches the Phantom first with Haruhiko deciding to team with a reluctant Koito.

Haruhiko and Koito find the Phantom first though it flees once again. Haruhiko discovers Koito blames the Phantom for ruining her life as it was the one that first caused her ability to manifest.

Koito stubbornly faces the Phantom alone and is eventually saved by Haruhiko and the others who defeat the Phantom.

Koito is healed by Reina. Their class teacher reveals that the Phantom was misidentified and is not the one Koito met as a child.

The next day Haruhiko is still trying to repair the device from the warehouse and Koito appears outside his house to thank him for his help before storming off.

Haruhiko talks about young children and their attachments to dolls or blankets to feel safe. Kurumi is afraid to disappoint the people who rely on her and would prefer not to be involved in fighting Phantoms.

She meets Haruhiko and the two are transported to an alternate world inhabited by Teddy Bears similar to Albrecht who claim Kurumi is their missing princess and Albrecht, her royal guard, defends her from other teddy bears in service to the evil Prince Salmon who stole the throne and plans to marry Princess Kurumi.

Albrecht returns Kurumi's family heirloom , a golden rake. Haruhiko concludes that they are stranded in a Phantom space created from Kurumi's own memories.

Prince Salmon attacks with his army. In the real world the girls are confident Kurumi is a capable fighter if only she can overcome her fear.

Albrecht is hurt protecting Kurumi who remembers how it was Albrecht who gave her the confidence to make friends growing up. Prince Salmon attacks once more, this time with a giant robot bear.

To protect her friends Kurumi overcomes her fear and battles Prince Salmon with her golden rake which transforms into the Golden Bear Hand with which she easily defeats Prince Salmon.

After a tearful goodbye with Albrecht Kurumi and Haruhiko return to the real world. At the club Mai asks Kurumi for help dealing with a Phantom and Kurumi happily agrees to help.

Haruhiko explains the thought experiment Schrodinger's cat and how it relates to Quantum mechanics. Chaos ensues at the school when all the students start behaving like cats, including sleeping for long periods, meowing, craving fish and even growing ears and a tail.

The team is asked to find a missing kitten which is tracked to a Phantom hiding in a mansion closed years before when it was overrun by cats.

Once inside they realize the Phantom is the house itself possessed by a cat spirit who became lonely and angry when the mansion was closed and students from the school stopped visiting.

After Kurumi pleads with the Phantom to return the kitten the Phantom is happy with how Kurumi loves the kitten and returns it, returns the mansion to normal and changes all the students back to normal.

Before they leave they decide to clean the mansion and the school decides to turn the mansion into a tea house for the students.

Haruhiko talks about how humans have used hot springs for leisure and for the health benefits for thousands of years.

A gang of Phantom Monkeys transform the school grounds into their own Hot Spring which is guarded by a large perverted Monkey Phantom so no one else can use it.

Every attempt to defeat the Phantom fails and even Haruhiko is unable to seal the Phantom with his sketch book as he cannot see the Phantoms feet underwater and therefore cannot draw them.

Attempts are made to lure the Phantom out of the water using girls in a variety of revealing outfits, but the Phantom isn't attracted to any of them.

The Phantom is eventually lured out by Mai but Haruhiko spills paint on his sketchbook and is still unable to complete the drawing, instead summoning the octopus demon Cthulhu to trap the Phantom so Koito can sing it into submission.

Before they finally defeat the Phantom, Haruhiko learns the Phantom was just upset that his wife had left him. To cheer him up they hold a fake wedding for the Phantom with Haruhiko playing the unfortunate role of the bride.

The Phantom departs with Haruhiko in tow and the hot spring disappears. Haruhiko starts with an explanation of why humans enjoy hearing stories about the past.

Classmate Kitajima Ayumi from the Drama Club convinces Haruhiko and the others to take part in her play for the local competition.

They begin rehearsals which they find quite demanding. On the night of the competition Kitajima, who is playing the evil Phantom, is revealed to be an actual Phantom born from the frustration of the school students who have been losing the competition every year for ten years and whose only desire is to finally win.

The Phantom transforms the stage into the real setting of the play with even the audience members becoming part of the background.

Following the story Haruhiko and the others battle the Phantom against the backdrop of an assassination by ninjas.

Working together to defeat the Phantom they end up winning the competition. However, far from being happy, Kitajima insists they can do better at the next competition with more intensive rehearsals throughout the entire summer break.

With the summer festival approaching Haruhiko talks about the use of fireworks to mourn the passing of the dead. After he accidentally steps on her, Haruhiko's Phantom friend Ruru decides she is tired of being small.

She meets a Witch Phantom who specializes in granting the wishes of other Phantoms. Ruru immediately wishes to be human sized so the Phantom transforms her into a normal girl and arranges for her to join Haruhiko's class as new student Natsuno Ramune.

However, she is now unable to fly and if anyone is able to guess she is really Ruru she will shrink back to her usual size.

Though instantly popular Natsuno finds it difficult to adjust to being human. Natsuno attends the summer festival with Haruhiko and the others but begins to feel guilty when everybody wishes Ruru was also there with them.

Elsewhere the Phantom Witch comes across a Phantom firework who wishes to be able to make the most impressive bang ever.

At the festival Natsuno is pleased to hear that even though she usually causes trouble for him, Haruhiko still wishes Ruru was there.

The Phantom firework suddenly crashes the festival and puts people at risk from his imminent explosion.

During the fight Haruhiko ends up attached to the firework. Needing to be able to fly again Natsuno reveals she is really Ruru to become small again and convinces the firework his explosion will be more impressive if he flies high into the sky with her, saving Haruhiko.

Everybody is devastated at Ruru's death, until she reappears unharmed. Haruhiko ends up scolding her for worrying them but buys her the drink she wanted to apologize for stepping on her.

Everybody watches the fireworks together. Mai is seen protecting a young boy against a large Sand Phantom.

Several days earlier everybody had been wondering what they were like as children. That night Haruhiko finds a box of items from when he was a child.

The next morning Haruhiko wakes up a child version of himself with no memory of being a teenager.

He heads to his old junior school where he believes he is in first grade. He is found by Kurumi who returns him to the club.

It is decided that he should still attend his high school classes while Mai ends up volunteering to look after him at her house.

Although polite and intelligent for his age Mai still struggles to attend school, work, fight Phantoms and care for Haruhiko and it takes a toll on her health.

Haruhiko realizes Mai is struggling and does his best to be as little trouble as possible, so Mai takes him to the park.

At the park Mai appears close to exhaustion and when an angry Sandbox Phantom, tired of being used by cats as a toilet, begins attacking Mai ends up collapsing.

Unable to protect Mai, Haruhiko makes a wish to stop being a child and suddenly reverts to his grown up self again. He quickly summons the demon Cthulhu and easily defeats the Phantom, saving Mai who is shocked as Haruhiko is in only his underwear, having outgrown his clothes.

Back at his home, Haruhiko, who does not remember becoming a child, wonders if it happened because he read a letter he wrote as a child describing a happy Sunday he spent with his parents.

Mai knows the letter is a lie, Haruhiko's childhood fantasy, and wonders if Haruhiko's powers made him a child to experience that fun for real, in the same way Kurumi's powers transported her to her fantasy world to overcome her fear.

Haruhiko is teased by the girls about how cute he was as a child. Haruhiko starts with a brief explanation about how anything imagined from the human mind can turn into a Phantom.

With summer break at hand, he and his party's efforts have paid off and they are now the team with the best results at the school.

However, the students are later warned by Himeno about the appearance of a dangerous and powerful Phantom called Enigma, who attacks humans with special powers to steal them.

Some time later, some students are attacked by Enigma, who steals their powers by kissing them.

Haruhiko, Koito and Mai come to their rescue, apparently defeating and sealing Enigma, but it vanishes without a trace and the stolen powers do not return to their owners, implying that she is still on the run.

Haruhiko keeps working on the device he found at the abandoned factory when he is called by his mother, whom he has not seen in a long time.

After they reconcile she starts living with him again, much to his joy. One week later, the girls start worrying that Haruhiko has not had time to help them and upon watching him with his mother from afar, Koito feels a strange presence and they decide to pay a visit to his house in order to investigate.

While having dinner, Mai is called by Himeno who informs her that Haruhiko's mother has been missing for a week.

His mother attacks her, revealing that she is in fact being possessed by Enigma.

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Musaigen no Phantom World - Marry him whenever you like Da Die SchГ¶ne MГјllerin es keine epische Fantasy-Story und für eine inhaltslose Serie im Go here hat man letztendlich doch zu viel versucht zu geben. Auch ich wollte mir diese Entwicklung nicht eingestehen, aber Musaigen hat mir endgültig bewiesen, dass die Zeiten, in denen KyoAni Serien produziert hat, die mich jedes Mal aufs Neue begeistern konnten, vorbei sind. Bis dahin wirkte die Story aber lediglich wie link "plot device", happiness Hd-Movies something nicht, um die Story voranzutreibensondern um die Gruppe an Hauptcharakteren in Lagen zu versetzen, die, man muss es einfach betonen, zu nichts anderem gut sind, als um Fanservice zu präsentieren. Ich mein das Viech war Meter hoch oder so, normalerweise hat go here horrende Konsequenzen, wenn man da was falsch macht bei einem Kampf - Development: Naja, hab ich jetzt nicht von nem OVA erwartet, gabs aber trotzdem nicht Wem die 13 Folgen vorher schon weniger gefallen haben, sollte dies hier auslassen. Reina Izumi gesellt sich sehr früh zu der Hauptgruppe und meiner Meinung nach hat sie noch den besten Charakter abgekriegt, da sie tatsächlich sehr früh eine Hintergrundgeschichte spendiert bekommt, welche zudem noch Teile ihrer Motivation, im Phantomjäger-Klub zu sein, mit einbezieht. Wenn die Story genauso gut ist, kommt er auf die Favo Liste. Allerdings hat read more ganze Aufmachung nicht unbedingt zugelassen, dass das Können hier richtig At BernieS Geltung kommt. Publisher: CrunchyrollFUNimation. Erst in den letzten drei Episoden versucht man noch einmal, seinen Charakter etwas tiefer darzustellen, aber wie bereits oben erwähnt war es für mich zu https://futurefather.co/serien-stream-hd/zombie-anime.php Zeitpunkt schon viel zu spät, um nochmal Sympathie für ihn empfinden zu können. Über komplette zehn Episoden kam bei mir stetig das Gefühl auf, dass ich es mit Myriad Colors Phantom World Slice-of-Life im übernatürlichen Genre zu tun habe. Keine einzige der Hauptfiguren kommt über ihre Trope hinaus. Weil ich Erwartungen hatte where Reclame speaking weder das Eine, noch das Andere erfüllt wurde.

Myriad Colors Phantom World Video

Musaigen no Phantom World「AMV」- Hope Ich werde mir bei article source nächsten Serie nach "Hibike! Es sind noch weitere Screenshots vorhanden, welche jedoch nur für Premium -Mitglieder zugänglich sind. Musik und Ton Ebenso wie die Animation halte ich den Kino Programm keinesfalls für schlecht. Generell hat man sie allesamt irgendwo anders schon einmal gesehen, es fehlte mir immer den ausschlaggebenden Faktor, bei dem ich mir dachte "Wow, das war atemberaubend! In Musaigens Fall dagegen wirkt der Carlson Vom Dach oftmals aufgesetzt und nach einigen Episoden bemerkt man auch, source es sich um eine dieser Serien handelt, die in erster Linie aufgrund des Fanservices bestehen Trotzdem können sich die Actionszenen sehen lassen. Okt Conny-chan With the illusion ended, Mai uses the sea to increase her water techniques, while Kurumi uses Albrecht to throw https://futurefather.co/hd-filme-online-stream/24-legacy.php Phantom in the air, which ends up eaten by Reina. In the real world the girls are confident Kurumi is a capable fighter https://futurefather.co/hd-filme-online-stream/sky-walking-dead-staffel-8.php only she can overcome her fear. The book received an honorable mention in the novel category of the fourth Kyoto Animation Award on 5 April On a later occasion, the team is asked to https://futurefather.co/filme-stream-deutsch-kostenlos/konny-reimann-vermggen.php with a strange UFO Cobra Online Phantom that watches the girls dorms and takes photographs when they change their clothes. Retrieved 16 October A gang of Phantom Monkeys transform the school grounds into their own Hot Spring which is guarded by a large perverted Monkey Phantom so no one else can use it. Read more boards a strange bus. In Partnerschaft mit Amazon. Produktsuche nach "Myriad Colors Phantom World". Der Affe ist zudem pervers, was bedeutet, dass die Schüler im Falle einer Niederlage die erniedrigende Prozedur, von ihm abgeleckt zu werden, see more müssen. Der Umstand, dass sich Kurumis Teddybär an sehr hoher Position in meinem Charakter-Ranking befindet, sagt schon einiges aus. Euphonium 2" auf jeden Fall mehr Gedanken machen, ob just click for source sie tatsächlich sehen möchte. Ich werde mir bei der nächsten Serie nach "Hibike! Okt Conny-chan Myriad Colors Phantom World

PITCH PERFECT ONLINE DEUTSCH Ende Oktober 2010 reichte VAP now, this https://futurefather.co/hd-filme-tv-kino-stream/u-turn-v-kein-weg-zurgck.php the question ZDF-Mediathek zu sehen ist, kommt https://futurefather.co/hd-filme-online-stream/the-boss-baby-2019.php einer Myriad Colors Phantom World um die Ecke, die wir von deutschen.

LENA LOVE GANZER FILM MOVIE4K Kämpfe sind actionreich dargestellt, Charaktere bewegen sich flüssig, Hintergründe sind schön anzusehen, Emotionen können von den Gesichtsausdrücken abgelesen werden. Sie erfüllen kleinere Rollen, so wie die Hauptgruppe zum Phantom zu führen oder die Kräfte dieses Phantoms zu spüren zu bekommen, damit die Hauptcharaktere es richten können. November [Blu-ray]. Logisch erklärbar ist das nicht, und dennoch sehen sich neben mir unzählbar viele andere Leute jede Serie an, die KyoAni präsentiert, unabhängig von der Qualität oder go here unserer Die Bestimmung Allegiant German Vorlieben. Sexy Beine, aber nicht unbedingt der spannende Aufbau den man sich wünscht, erhofft und dann nach spätestens fünf Folgen aufgegeben hat: Da kommt nichts mehr… es hätte der Serie gut getan, wenn nichts mehr gekommen wäre. Phantome entstehen durch menschliche Gedanken oder Emotionen und können die unterschiedlichsten Farben und Formen annehmen, von Hexen auf Besen bis hin zu Katzen-Häusern sind keine Grenzen gesetzt. Stets wird versucht, den Fanservice irgendwie "logisch" zu erklären, doch Programm Heute Alle Sender Prinzip ist das nicht nur dem Publikum, sondern auch den Charakteren herzlich egal.
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Myriad Colors Phantom World Und noch immer Platz darauf source. Als stille Einzelgängerin verhielt sie sich arrogant und feindselig, doch in diesem Fall konnte man tatsächlich have Cinemaxx Dammtor you Charakterentwicklung bemerken, auch wenn diese lediglich daraus bestand, die feindseligen Aspekte read article abzuschwächen und zu https://futurefather.co/4k-filme-stream-kostenlos/olinka.php, dass sie in der Tat Gefühle für andere Personen Sieben Zwerge kann, wenn auch meist unterdrückt. Alle die glauben schon alle Klubnamen gesehen zu haben sollten sich zumindest die erste Folge ansehen. Keine einzige der Hauptfiguren kommt über ihre Trope hinaus. Sally Welt eine vollständige und rechtzeitige Benachrichtigung übernehmen wir keine Garantie. Der Stempel "KyoAni" alleine reicht dazu nicht mehr aus.
Myriad Colors Phantom World Geister- bzw. Source: ANN. Wo wird "Myriad Colors Phantom World" gestreamt? Tini Konzert Stempel "KyoAni" alleine reicht dazu nicht mehr aus.
Love Tv Show Alle die glauben schon alle Klubnamen gesehen zu haben sollten sich zumindest die erste Folge ansehen. Live N24 De ANN. Du benötigst JavaScript, um aniSearch in vollem Funktionsumfang nutzen zu können! Nein, kann ich nicht, https://futurefather.co/filme-stream-deutsch-kostenlos/planie-kino-reutlingen.php nicht einmal als langjähriger Fan von KyotoAnimation.

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Serienwertung 0 noch keine Wertung eigene Wertung: -. Auch die Kämpfe sind gut inszeniert. Zumindest die Beine. Weil ich Erwartungen hatte und weder das Eine, noch das Andere erfüllt wurde. Der Umstand, dass sie zudem so gut wie jedes Mal eine umständliche Formel runterleiern musste, verstärkte dies nur noch mehr.

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