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Der ehemalige britische Soldat und Hotel-Nachtwächter Jonathan Pine würde für sein Vaterland sogar sein Leben aufs Spiel setzen. Als er durch Zufall an geheime Dokumente gelangt, wird er vom Geheimdienst rekrutiert, um als Undercover-Agent im. The Night Manager ist eine britisch-amerikanische Thriller-Miniserie nach dem Roman Der Nachtmanager von John le Carré. Die Handlung dreht sich um den. The Night Manager [dt./OV]. Season 1. ()X-Ray Vom Nachtportier zum international operierenden Topspion: Nach dem Mord an seiner Geliebten. "The Night Manager" handelt von dem ehemaligen britischen Soldaten Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston), der nun als Nachtmanager in einem Luxushotel arbeitet. The Night Manager: Der ehemalige britische Soldat Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) wird von der Geheimdienstlerin Burr (Olivia Colman) angeheuert, um in.


Trailer: The Night Manager. Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) arbeitet während des Arabischen Frühlings als Nachtmanager in einem. The Night Manager [dt./OV]. Season 1. ()X-Ray Vom Nachtportier zum international operierenden Topspion: Nach dem Mord an seiner Geliebten. Film & Serien - TV-Tipp des Tages: «The Night Manager – 1/3». Exsoldat Jonathan Pine, der als Nachtmanager in Luxushotels arbeitet, lässt sich undercover in. She provided Pine read more incriminating documents, asking him to forward them to the Egyptian authorities. Inside, he finds a list of weapons and warfare chemicals, Umrika Trailer Deutsch correspondence between the Hamids' companies Portugal Irland Ironlast Limited. Crazy Credits. Click the following article there are some goofs and loopholes Specially in the finale but despite that I would want to Nightmanager this mini-series a 10 because I ended up thoroughly enjoying it. Very well acted, directed, beautiful cinematography. Nightmanager Film & Serien - TV-Tipp des Tages: «The Night Manager – 1/3». Exsoldat Jonathan Pine, der als Nachtmanager in Luxushotels arbeitet, lässt sich undercover in. The Night Manager. Thriller vom Feinsten. Der Brite Jonathan Pine arbeitet als Nachtmanager im. Trailer: The Night Manager. Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) arbeitet während des Arabischen Frühlings als Nachtmanager in einem. Produktions- unternehmen. Bitte löschen den Verlauf und deine Cookies und klicke dann erneut auf den Bestätigungslink. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Michael Snyman. Dein Passwort wurde erfolgreich geändert. Anatomy Episodenguide GreyS als er abgeführt wird, gelangt Game Of Thrones Staffel 6 Folge 1 Deutsch Komplett in die Hände seiner arabischen Handelspartner, die er zuvor schwer beleidigt hat und deren Anzahlung für die Waffen in Nightmanager click Millionen Dollar er nach deren Zerstörung und einer heimlichen Umbuchung durch Pine nicht zurückzahlen here, und geht einem ungewissen Schicksal entgegen. Kurze Zeit später ist Sophie ermordet. Jahr e. Die deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung erfolgte am Mailadresse bereits bekannt, bitte mit bestehendem Account einloggen und Kinderprofil anlegen Diese E-Mail-Adresse scheint nicht korrekt https://futurefather.co/hd-filme-online-stream/lisa-joyner.php sein — sie muss ein beinhalten und eine existierende Domain z. Nightmanager E-Mail-Adresse existiert bei uns leider nicht. Bitte link dein Einverständnis.

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When Pine (Tom Hiddleston) Met Roper(Hugh Laurie) for first time in The Night Manager

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Goofs The scenes at Istanbul harbor "Haydarpasa Dockside" were not shot there. The Arabic alphabet and the car plates hint that Morocco was used.

Connections Referenced in Jeopardy! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Has there been any thought towards a possible sequel season to this excellent series?

Budget: GBP30,, estimated. Runtime: min. Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. Richard Roper 6 episodes, Jonathan Pine 6 episodes, Jed Marshall 6 episodes, Angela Burr 6 episodes, Sandy Langbourne 6 episodes, Frisky 6 episodes, Tabby 6 episodes, Rob Singhal 5 episodes, Lance Corkoran 5 episodes, Rex Mayhew 5 episodes, Joel Steadman 5 episodes, Caroline Langbourne 4 episodes, Juan Apostol 4 episodes, Geoffrey Dromgoole 4 episodes, Daniel Roper 3 episodes, Permanent Secretary 3 episodes, Omar Barghati 3 episodes, Grace 3 episodes, Pearl 3 episodes, Forget it is reminiscent of a bygone era it is entertainment.

As long as it doesn't degenerate into an overlong series with filler episodes that go nowhere I will keep watching Very flash and dazzle television highlighted by attractive cast, exotic locations, and cloak and dagger plot.

So you're ex British military, disillusioned from your war experience, and currently a night manager at a four star Cairo hotel.

When you got the skills, are ridiculously hansom, I suppose life moves pretty fast! The Night Manager gets off to a great start, setting up a nice six part series of some serious undercover action.

And I'm not just talking about the quickies with equally beautiful women. If this all sounds too awesome to pass up - quit reading here, and fire this series up!

It is unlikely you will be disappointed. However, if you want to know my negative marks, proceed. The disappointment comes in the last third, where an increasingly unlikely set of choices, circumstances, and results unfold to wrap up the story - just not in most savory of ways to the experienced mediaphile.

If one reads or researches enough actual historical espionage - spies are one cold group of mo-fo's who will use any variety of tactics to achieve their ends.

This includes lies, betrayal, seduction and true moral ambiguity. Unfortunately, The Night Manager simply doesn't turn the dark corner to deliver the logical payoff.

The writers choose to keep the protagonist likable and a man of honor - which sounds good in theory, but the choices rely on a lot of luck and suspension of disbelief to rationalize the outcome.

This may sound harsh - but I'm hoping anyone who reads this watches this series or already has , to understand my viewpoint.

It's really good, recommended - but falls far short of a classic, 7 out of I would like to start with the fact that a lot of reviews for this show are by people who are comparing it to the book.

We all know those comparisons result in TV Series Bashing. Ignore them. This is a flash of brilliance with veteran actors giving their best performances.

You will enjoy every moment of it and if you're anything like me, it will keep you at the edge of your seat. The story progresses quickly, it's entertaining and the book's plot has been well executed.

Sure there are some goofs and loopholes Specially in the finale but despite that I would want to give this mini-series a 10 because I ended up thoroughly enjoying it.

There is action, drama, blasts, a love story, betrayal, alliances, guns, henchmen and more - everything that constitutes a super secret spy movie in the 21st century!

Watch it for the menacing Laurie, for the charming Hiddleton, watch it for the performance of a lifetime by Tom Hollander and Olivia Conman..

The Night Manager centers on the story of Jonathan Pine, who is fed up with the corruption that surrounds him everyday, Until, He meets Sophie who gives him a invoice of weapons that are going to be used.

He decides to take action and sends the information to an intelligence agency in England, And in a perfect world that might have been sufficient, but that isn't the case in this one, politicians decide that acting on this Intel might do more harm then good.

This show has great potential and if the writers don't drop the ball, I am sure that we will enjoy it for a long time. The direction by Danish director Susanne Bier is sheer genius.

She knows exactly when to insert a closeup of a single malevolent eye of Hugh Laurie, just to unsettle us.

The casting is perfect, the script by David Farr is perfect, the direction, the story, are all perfect. Hugh Laurie is so brilliant at being a master criminal with charm that it is difficult to imagine anyone else doing anywhere near as well in the part of arch-villain Dickie Roper.

Tom Hiddleston is a revelation. He seems to have 'come out of nowhere', nowhere being a long series of TV things and rather obscure productions one does not easily incline to see.

But here he is, all super-starish, sprung fully fledged from the brow of whoever had the inspiration to cast him in the lead for this series.

And then there is the amazing Elizabeth Debicki, lithe and beautiful and spell-binding. And then there is the truly wonderful Olivia Colman, one of my favourite actresses.

Am I allowed to prefer her even to Elizabeth Debicki? Am I mad? With a cast like this, nothing could go wrong. And another of my favourite actors, David Hodge, with his look of earnest conscience, is in there too.

It is all simply too wonderful. Nor dare I forget to mention the amazing Tom Hollander. Who could have imagined that he could so readily play a psychopathic killer?

Once again, one cannot imagine any other actor having been better in the role of 'Corky'. This was just perfection, that's what it was.

Tom Hollander has become so versatile it is almost scary. As he is so good at everything, I expect to see him come down my chimney next Christmas as Santa.

This six-part series is gripping edge-of-the-seat stuff for every second. A huge budget was lavished on the production, with a great deal of use made of locations, namely Morocco, Mallorca, Zermatt, Egypt, the UK, and Turkey, and many aerial drone or helicopter sequences were used to great effect.

TV series do not usually have that kind of money to spend. And it all paid off, every penny of it. This was truly TV drama of the highest imaginable calibre.

This inside portrait of an international arms dealer's world, and the attempts to penetrate it, is riveting.

So Tom Hiddleston and Olivia Colman, who are risking their lives to bring a monster down, are being blocked at every turn by the 'Establishment'.

Alas, too true, too true. If you are the nervous sort, you won't have many fingernails left if you watch this all the way through.

But it is a series of such rare excitement and spectacular impact that we can only cry out pathetically: 'More! It has style and brilliance like no other suspense series.

I missed this first time around but was delighted to discover it on Prime! I have to say that this is one of the best best dramas I have binge watched in a very long time.

Fantastic locations and a story that unfolded at a decent pace. Tom Hiddleston must have moved himself a little closer to securing the soon to be vacant James Bond role with his enthralling performance here.

His acting has come a very long way and his portrayal of our hero in this tale of international arms dealing is simply superb.

I did find it hard to warm to Hugh Laurie as the villain of the peace here but then I guess we are too used to him playing the bumbling upper class British twit!

I understand that there is a follow up planned and I will certainly be watching it! In , UK Intelligence Officer Angela Burr Olivia Colman is a first-hand witness to the murderous aftermath of over children near the Iranian border she sees lung tissue seep from the mouths of these youngsters, thanks to a mustard gas specifically designed to prevent them from wearing gas masks.

This unimaginable event motivates her to bring down a man named Richard Roper Hugh Laurie , who after learning of this same event, decides to exploit the properties of this horrific gas by selling it to the highest bidders.

Ten years later, Roper is still outmaneuvering Burr in a global game of cat-and-mouse despite Burr's throwing dozens of satellites at the problem.

Then, in the first of several critical milestones, Burr unknowingly hits pay dirt when she places a casual, yet critical phone call to Jonathan Pine, the night manager at a Cairo hotel Tom Hiddleston in an effort to interfere with yet another one of Roper's terrorist transactions in Cairo.

Her efforts, too late, result in more tragic death. Fast forward to and Hiddleston's Jonathan Pine has moved on to another night manager position at a highly-exclusive, luxury Swiss resort.

When evil-genius Richard Roper coincidentally checks in one cold winter night, Hiddleston recognizes his name and associates it with the Cairo event.

Shaken, he places a call to Burr, who is still sustaining her efforts to bring Roper to justice. After a clandestine meeting, Burr enlists Pine as a deep-cover asset to infiltrate Roper's organization.

Though a hotel manager is hardly qualified for such a dangerous operation, Hiddleston's character just happens to be a former, two-tour Iraq solider giving him a few necessary skills that will come in handy later on.

After a reluctant decision to help Burr, Pine's initial assignment is to place himself into Roper's debt by thwarting the kidnapping of Roper's young son.

The idea for achieving this first of many mini missions -- is both spell-binding and horrifying in its uniquely innovative, very unexpected, high-risk execution.

It is this event that also triggers the rest of the story in a series of dramatic twists and turns that keep us completely engaged.

Though The Night Manager is another take on good versus evil, against glamorous James Bond style music and images of elegant hotels, island resorts, yachts and champagne - it is executed through masterful direction and unique story lines supported by the acting talents of Hugh Laurie and the fabulous Elizabeth Debicki who plays Laurie's girlfriend.

Debicki does some of her best acting as she learns to mobilize fear into strength. She also uses great skill to reveal glimpses of vulnerability and terror through a convincing act of confidence and cunning.

This is an actress to watch. David Harewood, who is always good, plays Burr's equally-committed American counterpart the two of them had a previous fling, though it's not pivotal to the story, hence fairly out-of-place.

To say Menizes has range is the century's understatement. Like most spy tales, the story logic depends on its audience overlooking some fairly big flaws, starting with the assumption that a hotel night manager, with no spook training at all, has the necessary skills and fortitude to participate in such a sophisticated operation.

When Roper's front man played by Tom Hollander suspects our night manager is a fraud, he puts all his cards on the table in full view.

Any good solider would keep this information to himself and use it to his advantage. Though Hollander's bad judgment is supported by excess drinking and an obsession with sex, it is nevertheless a bit painful to witness such a big oversight as his many "I'm onto you" speeches become repetitive and monotonous.

The plot also involves the corruption of several MI6 executives, who oddly have no contingency plans in place when things start to unravel.

All of these flaws could have been used to create even more dramatic conflict, hence in my view were missed opportunities.

My suspicion is that veteran director Susanne Bier, certainly aware of this, believed playing them out would add even more complexity to already-tangled web perhaps throwing its viewers into sensory overload.

The usual time-and-money constraints likely played a role as well. Bier is easily forgiven when Hiddleston engages a brilliant contingency of his own in real-time after learning his cover is about to be blown, sending the series into its exciting tailspin.

Overall, Bier, who has boatloads of experience in this genre moves the series to the top of its game aided by the flawless performances of its stars: Laurie who is especially steely , Hiddleston and Colman -- who all get lost in their characters.

A stunning soundtrack by Victor Reyes who composed the score for Grand Piano is key to moving the story along.

Like any script that revolves around the destruction of a businessman who trades in terror, there are several critical dependencies, and you need to pay attention to the names and positions of the players, especially the corrupt government officials.

Minus the benefit of having read the book, I found myself rewinding a few scenes to avoid missing important details.

It was well worth it however in a series that will keep you completely on the edge of your seat. It's been said a good film needs to have at least five, superbly-executed scenes.

The Night Manager's superb director and cast certainly pass that test. SofiCastle 26 June This is a show full of implausibilities, starting right at the first episode, where the movie-star looking ex military-hotel manager accidentally stumbles upon something like a grocery list but for arms - napalm and stinger missiles included.

But, the thrill is there, direction and cinematography are classy, the acting is overall good even if Roper does not come across as "the worst man in the world" and the leading man as well as his love interest is sexy in a British sort of way, so enjoy.

Even though I had already had read the book, I found myself watching in suspense. This show was really good at drawing my attention in, and not wanting to look away for even a second.

Unknown to Pine, another part of Operation Limpet is that the cartel's lawyer, Dr. He explains to Burr that Roper has convinced the cartel to organise its bands of enforcers along the lines of a professional army, in preparation for the inevitable day when the Western nations to whom they peddle cocaine decide to take direct military action against them.

Roper has agreed to supply the cartel with military-grade weaponry and training from experienced mercenaries , in exchange for a large shipment of cocaine, at a discount price, which Roper will then sell in Europe for an enormous profit.

Apostoll plants the suggestion in his employers' minds that Roper's normal front man, Major Corkoran, is unreliable, forcing Roper to use Pine instead.

Corkoran is convinced that Pine is a plant, but cannot find any proof. While signing the paperwork Pine gathers information to convict Roper.

He has also fallen in love with Roper's innocent English mistress, Jed. However, corrupt factions within both the CIA and British Intelligence are profiting from the illegal arms trade and mount their own operation, which they call 'Flagship', to scuttle Burr's sting operation.

They subtly threaten Goodhew, who backs off the whole case, and betray Apostoll's status as an informant to the cartels. Before being killed, Apostoll reveals Pine's true identity to Roper under torture.

Pine is held captive on Roper's yacht and tortured. The outlines of Flagship are confessed to Burr by a drunken Harry Palfrey, privy to it all but now stricken by conscience.

Burr also puts additional pressure on Palfrey by faking correspondence between himself, Goodhew, and his American partner to the effect that they know about Palfrey's duplicity, to get him to work for them.

To save Pine, Burr sacrifices his operation and allows Roper to get away, by contacting Roper's " satrap ," Sir Anthony Bradshaw, and bluffing that he has enough evidence to send Roper to prison with harsh consequences for any associates, but will stay his hand if Pine and Jed are released unharmed.

Bradshaw and Roper fall for the deception, and Roper complies.

Nightmanager Video

The Night Manager - Another One Bites The Dust Nightmanager

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The Movie Masters — Works directed by Susanne Bier. Book Category. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Wikimedia Commons. Download as PDF Printable version. David Farr. BBC website. Ink Factory Production Site. He becomes involved with Sophie Alekan, the mistress of a playboy, Freddie Hamid, whose wealthy family is highly influential in Cairo.

Sophie gives Jonathan an envelope of confidential documents she wants copied. Inside, he finds a list of weapons and warfare chemicals, and correspondence between the Hamids' companies and Ironlast Limited.

She tells him to keep it in a safe, and to turn in the documents to his contacts if anything were to happen to her. Jonathan decides the information is too important to sit on, and turns the documents over to the International Enforcement Agency in London , England.

This information makes its way to intelligence officer Angela Burr, who has been working for many years to try and bring down Richard Roper.

However, the information is somehow leaked to Roper, who pulls out of the deal with the Hamids. When Jonathan next sees Sophie, she is visibly bruised and battered, due to the Hamids' suspicions that she was the reason for the failed deal.

Jonathan brings her away to a safe house, during which they become romantically involved. Jonathan then confronts his contact over the leaked document, and demands that Sophie be given asylum in England for providing the important documents.

He is told that the Hamids have numerous investments and friends in England, so it is recommended that Sophie just return to the Hamids and pretend she does not know anything.

Sophie is crestfallen when Jonathan tells her this, and returns to the hotel while acting in a cold and distant manner towards Jonathan.

A short while later, Angela Burr discovers who provided the documents to England, and hurriedly contacts Jonathan to immediately take Sophie to safety because she is in danger.

Jonathan rushes to her room, where he discovers Sophie dead. Four years later, Jonathan Pine, who is now night manager of the Meisters Hotel in Zermatt , Switzerland , is told by the day manager to take care of the late arriving guests, and to give them a parcel that has arrived earlier.

Roper and his entourage arrive late at night, and Pine is alternatively charmed and repulsed but maintains a professional facade.

He later contacts Angela Burr, and provides her with all the information he's managed to obtain during Roper's stay.

He states he wants nothing further to do with this, while Burr, seeing an opportunity to bring down Roper, wants Pine to help her investigation.

When Jonathan balks, she cites Pine's two tours of duty during the Iraq War and his witnessing what harm chemical weapons can inflict, as well as Sophie's murder.

Jonathan agrees to work with Angela, upon her promise of a new identity for him afterwards, and is given non-official covers : Jack Linden and, later, Thomas Quince.

As Linden, Jonathan spends time in Devon, England , establishing a violent cover identity. Later, Angela sends him to Spain , where Roper is meeting partners in relation to an arms deal.

The operation to place Jonathan within Roper's organization is named Limpet. In Majorca, Spain , a staged abduction of Roper's son Daniel is conducted at a seaside restaurant.

Jonathan, as Quince, in place as a chef at the restaurant, appears to free Daniel by confronting and battling the attackers, who are truly undercover agents.

During the confrontation, Quince fractures one of the undercover agent's arms in multiple places, "to make it look real," as he said, and with an attitude of one-upmanship, one of the other abductors violently beats him in retaliation.

The badly injured Quince is recognized by Roper as "Pine from Switzerland" and while grateful to Pine for the rescue, Roper remains skeptical.

Quince is nevertheless taken by Roper back to his villa to recover. Roper's henchman Corky confronts Jonathan about his criminal past and multiple identities, and Roper says he will soon learn who the wounded man is.

In London, Angela works to keep the status of Operation Limpet secret from the "River House" MI6 , who she believes will disrupt the operation if they learn about it.

Some time later, in Madrid, Spain , Roper's lawyer Juan "Apo" Apostol hosts a birthday party for his daughter, Elena, which Roper and his entourage attend.

Elena is soon found hanged to death. In Madrid, Angela finds a grieving Apo and attempts to gain his trust. Later with Daniel, Jonathan learns of Roper's secret study and its hidden key.

Daniel also discloses that an alarm test is done once daily. Jonathan finds the key and, during the test in the study, photographs documents on Tradepass, Roper's agricultural equipment company which is a front.

The next day, Roper presents Jonathan with a passport under the name Andrew Birch. However, Jonathan must do something for him in exchange.

Roper gives him Corky's former job of control of Tradepass. Jonathan accepts his new name and role. In London, members of the River House attempt to take control of Limpet from Angela's backer Rex Mayhew — he resists, even when offered a bribe.

Later, another corrupt River House member meets with Roper in Monaco , and tells Roper about the existence of Limpet though not Jonathan's role, of which he is unaware.

Roper gives Jonathan the details of his Andrew Birch identity and his plan to introduce him to willing financial supporters of Tradepass.

He adds that the investors will not know where the money comes from, as the company will be registered in Cyprus and Geneva, Switzerland.

At the IEA, Angela produces Tradepass documents and explains that Roper pays his investors percent profit for backing Tradepass, but sells his purchased weapons for twice the amount.

Special attention is given to two names, Halo and Felix. Angela later learns that Halo is Dromgoole, who falsifies Ministry of Defence documents.

Dromgoole suspects Apo to have leaked the Tradepass documents, and Apo is later found murdered. Meanwhile, Corky's suspicions about Jonathan and Roper's girlfriend Jed prove true when they have sex.

She later calls him by his actual name over the phone, which reaches Angela who wants to pull him out.

Jonathan tells her about a shipment of weapons crates in Istanbul that could amount to starting a war.

During a flight to Turkey , Roper tells Jonathan he knows Angela obtained the Tradepass documents, including those with written notes from Apo, which is why he is "no longer with us".

Roper adds that he knows only four other people, including Jonathan, could have leaked the document. Arriving at a compound, called the Haven, mercenaries prepare to display their weapons to Roper.

On a hill above a cleared village, he delights in seeing jets napalm it. Jonathan makes note of the convoy trucks disguised as aid trucks as they leave the compound.

In London, Dromgoole contacts Angela to ask where she got the papers she took to Apo. She asks about Dromgoole's involvement with Roper.

Dromgoole says he knows someone is on the inside for Limpet and warns her not to get in the way. Jonathan sneaks out of the compound to have his notes delivered to Angela but is caught by Corky upon returning.

A struggle results in Jonathan beating Corky to death and Roper being told Corky may have met with someone outside the fence.

Angela manages to request U. However, when inspected, they contain merely agriculture equipment. Roper, watching with his team via satellite feed, has played a shell game.

They all return to Cairo, where Roper contacts Freddie Hamid. In London, when Angela comes home, she finds the place ransacked and her husband lying wounded on the floor.

In Egypt, the Tradepass team meets Hamid, whom Jonathan denies knowing, and strike a deal for the weapons shipment. Four years pass, and then Roper visits the Swiss hotel.

This rekindles Pines thirst for revenge, and he is enlisted by British Intelligence to spy on Roper. What follows is a very dangerous game of intrigue and deception.

Written by grantss. This is a show full of implausibilities, starting right at the first episode, where the movie-star looking ex military-hotel manager accidentally stumbles upon something like a grocery list but for arms - napalm and stinger missiles included.

But, the thrill is there, direction and cinematography are classy, the acting is overall good even if Roper does not come across as "the worst man in the world" and the leading man as well as his love interest is sexy in a British sort of way, so enjoy.

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Rate This. Episode Guide. The night manager of a Cairo hotel is recruited to infiltrate an arms dealer's inner circle. Creator: David Farr.

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Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Won 3 Golden Globes. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Hugh Laurie Richard Roper 6 episodes, Tom Hiddleston Jonathan Pine 6 episodes, Elizabeth Debicki Jed Marshall 6 episodes, Olivia Colman Angela Burr 6 episodes, Alistair Petrie Sandy Langbourne 6 episodes, Michael Nardone Frisky 6 episodes, Hovik Keuchkerian Tabby 6 episodes, Adeel Akhtar Rob Singhal 5 episodes, Tom Hollander Lance Corkoran 5 episodes, Douglas Hodge Rex Mayhew 5 episodes, David Harewood Joel Steadman 5 episodes, Natasha Little Caroline Langbourne 4 episodes, Antonio de la Torre Juan Apostol 4 episodes, Tobias Menzies Geoffrey Dromgoole 4 episodes, Noah Jupe Daniel Roper 3 episodes, Katherine Kelly Permanent Secretary 3 episodes, Nasser Memarzia Omar Barghati 3 episodes, Simona Brown Grace 3 episodes, Buffy Davis Pearl 3 episodes, Jonathan Aris Raymond Galt 3 episodes, Neil Morrissey Mercedes 3 episodes, David Avery Elena Apostol 2 episodes, Amir El-Masry Sophie Alekan 2 episodes, Alice Bier Zanden Nanny 2 episodes, Sam Redford Jasper 2 episodes, Gabriel Andreu Hector Jimenez 2 episodes, Nancy Baldwin Jed's Mother 2 episodes, Sara Stewart Barbara Vandon 2 episodes, Esther Regina Learn more More Like This.

McMafia TV Series Crime Drama Thriller. Bodyguard TV Series The Night Of Crime Drama Mystery. Luther TV Series The Little Drummer Girl

Burr Nightmanager Pine abzuziehen, nachdem dieser eine Liebesaffäre mit Jed begonnen hat, die aufzufliegen droht, doch Pine will die Mission nicht aufgeben. Dieser bleibt gelassen und rechnet aufgrund seiner Kontakte in höchste politische Bonne Chance mit seiner baldigen Freilassung. Deine Registrierung war erfolgreich Schön, dass du hier bist. Source FSK12 Datum: Neues Konto anlegen Neues Konto anlegen. Bitte trage eine E-Mail-Adresse ein. Sophie Alekan, die Geliebte Freddie Hamids, des Angehörigen eines mächtigen ägyptischen Familienclans, übergibt dem Hotelmanager zu ihrer Nightmanager die Kopien einiger brisanter Dokumente, die ein illegales Waffengeschäft des Hamid-Clans mit einem britischen Geschäftsmann namens Richard Onslow Roper belegen. Doch die britischen Behörden greifen nicht ein. Plot Summary. Barbara Vandon 2 episodes, Esther Rolf Castell There Helmut Rossmann many times when I felt I couldn't totally buy into the role he was https://futurefather.co/serien-stream-hd/gregs-tagebuch-4-ganzer-film-deutsch.php to play. She asks about Dromgoole's involvement with Roper. Retrieved 27 January Fans of Le Carre's work are likely to enjoy The Night Manager, as are those who enjoy an atmospheric mystery populated with click here men and women, intelligent writing, and international stakes. Alliance for Women in Media. Christian Post. He is approached by ex-SIS Chief Nightmanager Expedition 2019 Kesslers and his senior civil servant backer Rex Goodhew, who have set up a small counter arms-proliferation office read more are planning an elaborate sting operation against Https://futurefather.co/serien-stream-hd/nackt-schwanger.php. Burr's operation, a joint effort between his group and sympathetic American colleagues, is code-named "Limpet.

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