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Dr. Temperance `Bones' Brennan ist eine grandiose forensische Anthropologin am staatlichen Jeffersonian Institute in Washington. Der Umgang mit ihren Mitmenschen fällt ihr allerdings recht schwer. Gemeinsam mit dem Ermittler und ehemaligen. Die Figur tritt erstmals in Folge in Erscheinung, und seit Folge gehörte Sweets-Darsteller John Francis Daley zur Hauptbesetzung. Sweets hat eine. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: T.J. Thyne · Emily Deschanel · David Boreanaz · Michaela Conlin · Tamara Taylor · John Francis . Bones - Die Knochenjägerin Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Robert Englund, Ryan O'Neal, Giancarlo Esposito u.v.m. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von Bones - Die Knochenjägerin: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

Bones Schauspieler

Bones - Die Knochenjägerin Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Robert Englund, Ryan O'Neal, Giancarlo Esposito u.v.m. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: T.J. Thyne · Emily Deschanel · David Boreanaz · Michaela Conlin · Tamara Taylor · John Francis . Schauspieler David Boreanaz hatte hinter den Kulissen mit einer Krankheit zu kämpfen. Bones Emily Deschanel und David Boreanaz ermitteln in.

Zack Addy seasons 1—3; recurring afterward is introduced as Dr. Brennan's graduate student and assistant at the Jeffersonian Institute at the start of the series.

In the second season, he receives his doctorate in forensic anthropology and applied engineering and becomes a professional forensic anthropologist.

Zack is closer to the stereotypical geek than anyone else on the team, though he does enjoy some normal pursuits and is known to be a fan of basketball.

Although well-meaning, helpful, and friendly, when a situation calls for social interaction or intuition, he is often lost. During the course of events leading up to the death of Howard Epps, Zack was nearly killed after he unwittingly triggered a pressure sensor tied to a bomb affixed to the headless body of Caroline Epps, who was killed by husband, Howard Epps.

Earlier he was lucky to escape possible lethal infection by quickly putting on a gas mask after Dr. Saroyan cut into a concealed glass bulb while examining Caroline Epps' head.

He is extremely intelligent—in episode 11 it is said his IQ is significantly above which is already a genius level.

He is also Hodgins' best friend, and lives in the upper part of Hodgins' garage. At the end of Season 3, he was revealed to be an accomplice to " Gormogon ".

He was admitted to a psychiatric institution following his confession to murdering the Lobbyist "The Knight on the Grid". While in the psychiatric institute, Zack was regularly visited by Hodgins and Dr.

After some time, Zack broke out of the psychiatric facility in order to help his friends solve a case.

After the case was solved, Zack willingly returned to the psychiatric facility. Zack later told Sweets that he did not kill anyone, but told Gormogon where the victim was in order to murder and cannibalize them.

Sweets wanted to tell the others, but Zack told him not to do so to avoid being sent to a "regular jail" as he "would not do well in prison".

In the Season 11 finale, it is revealed that Zack is related to a recurring nightmare that Dr. Brennan has been experiencing, so Booth enters the psychiatric facility late at night, ignoring an employee that commands him to stop, and barges into Zack's room.

Even though the worker insists Zack is in bed sleeping, his bed is found empty and the employee calls security.

At the end of the episode half of Zack's supposed face is shown in the dark and says to Brennan 'Hello, Dr. Brennan, it's been so long, we have so much to talk about.

Daniel Goodman season 1 is the director of the Jeffersonian Institute who is an archaeologist and his expertise in religious and other artifacts sometimes came in handy during a case.

He is a loving husband and the father to a pair of five-year-old twin girls. His way of working leads Hodgins to think of him as subjective, long-winded, and lacking the qualities of a pure scientist; however, the antagonism between the two develops into a friendly rivalry as the season progresses.

Goodman has not made any appearances beyond Season 1; and, as of Episode 23, "The Titan on the Tracks", he is said to be on sabbatical.

In an interview, Hart Hanson said that Camille Saroyan was added to the show because she proved to be a much better fit with the team instead of Goodman, indicating that Goodman may never return to the show.

When introduced in the Season 1 episode " Pilot ", he tells Dr Brennan that she has a disturbingly steep learning curve".

Since the departure of Dr. Zack Addy from the Jeffersonian, Dr. Brennan has not had a permanent replacement for him, but has instead taken on a number of interns.

While the introduction of various new interns may have initially been intended to find one suitable replacement for Dr.

Addy, over time the role has become rotating, with two or more interns sometimes joining efforts to solve particular cases. Clark Thomas Edison season 3—12 is a recurring character who first appeared in the Season 3 premiere where he tried to become Dr.

Brennan's assistant in Zack's absence. However, Zack returned in that very episode. Clark returned twice more; in Season 3, Episode 13, "The Verdict in the Story", working with the defense of Brennan's father, who was on trial for murder, Clark proved one of Zack's conclusions about the murder weapon wrong.

In Season 4, Episode 1, "Yanks in the UK", he made an appearance as the first of the group of six revolving assistants assigned to replace Zack.

At the end of the episode, however, he reveals he cannot tolerate the informal attitudes of Dr.

Brennan's team and quits. He does retain a recurring role throughout the series, still harboring some ill-feelings towards the informal behavior of his co-workers even as he recognizes the Jeffersonian's exceptional reputation.

Clark Edison is a vegan , and as such has very strong opinions about animal rights. While Angela was trying to remain celibate after breaking up with Roxie, she flirted very heavily with Clark, prompting him to introduce her to his girlfriend, Nora Oldhouse, a professor of women's studies and a fellow vegan who describes Clark as " dynamite " in bed , to fend her off.

In the Season 4 alternate reality finale, Clark was re-imagined as a rap musician, "C-Synch", hoping to play at Booth and Brennan's night club, "The Lab".

Booth refused to book him because his brother, a re-imagined Grayson Barasa, was a gang leader.

In "The Girl in the Mask", Brennan compares him to fellow interns Clark and Vincent as the one with "the most potential and an excellent work ethic".

In season 5, the first hint of Clark's sentimental side shows when he expresses approval of Agent Booth's willingness to let his grandfather, Hank Booth, stay with him after his triple bypass surgery.

Clark also mentions his own late grandfather, and reveals that his pursuing a career in forensic anthropology is in his grandfather's memory.

In the Season 6 premiere, which is seven months after the Season 5 finale, it is revealed he left the Jeffersonian for a position in Chicago.

He rejoined Dr. During Season 6, at the encouragement of his girlfriend, Clark has changed, from being unwilling to reveal personal information, to sharing many details of his life, but with little tact, much to the team's chagrin.

In "The Couple in the Cave", he discovers that he is highly allergic to Lonicera sempervirens Trumpet Honeysuckle , a species of honeysuckle.

Clark continues to open up in "The Body in the Bag", he reveals that he comes from a large family nine brothers and sisters, and that he could never get a word in with them and that his parents traveled away from home a lot he speculates that he has abandonment issues because of this , all of which he attributes to his being so withdrawn and private.

Clark has also expressed the desire to become a father and to start a large family. In season 7, Clark appears in two episodes, "The Male in the Mail", where he gets awkward around Brennan and her pregnancy, and "The Warrior in the Wuss", where, concerning the impending first meeting between Parker and baby Christine, he brings up the fact that there are many myths about the dangers of step-children.

In the season 8 premiere, with Brennan on the run, Clark has been appointed to her position of Chief Forensic Anthropologist at the Jeffersonian.

He is running a tighter ship than Brennan did, which Angela and Hodgins are resisting. Cam supports him and reminds the pair that all of them, including Clark, are working to clear Brennan's name so that she can return home.

Once Brennan is cleared of the charges, he is relieved to return the position to her. Cam makes an announcement: The Jeffersonian needs two forensic anthropologists—one to solve crimes and one to do archaeological work, which allows Clark to take up the new archaeological anthropology position and remain at the Jeffersonian while Dr.

Brennan returns to solving crimes. He reappears in "The Archaeologist in the Cocoon", where he assumes custody of prehistoric human remains, and he and Brennan clash over who should be working with them.

In "The Shot in the Dark", after Brennan is shot in the Bone Room, Clark steps in to continue where she left off while she's in the hospital.

During this episode, in a conversation with Hodgins and Sweets, Clark reveals that his middle name is " Thomas ", and they joke that essentially his name is " Thomas Edison ".

During season 10, he admits that Arastoo is his best friend, as he was instructed by him to take care of Cam while he returned to the Middle East.

Wendell Bray seasons 4—12 is one of Dr. Brennan's interns whom she described as her "brightest scholarship student". Brennan's question about whether he has a preference for dating older women as a come-on.

He tells Angela he is not sure what to do, as he needs the job as intern because he "owes people money". Angela assumes this means he owes money to the mob; but, when she discovers him with a cigarette which he uses as a method of concentrating after witnessing his father smoking while thinking, although he does not smoke as his father died of lung cancer , it is revealed he needs the money to pay back his old working-class neighbors, who contributed money for him to go to college.

In that episode, he revealed that he boxed Golden Gloves in his teens. His second appearance is in "The Bone That Blew". Wendell is portrayed as one of the more "normal" interns; he lacks the social ineptitude characteristic of the likes of Daisy Wick , Oliver Wells and Zack Addy and is often heard cracking jokes with Jack Hodgins.

Initially he is often shocked and turned off by Dr. Brennan's straight comments; in his debut episode he mistakes Dr.

He is one of the few interns Booth is able to relate to—Booth once described him as "sort of normal" [8] —and they bond over their mutual love of sports and play on the same amateur ice hockey team.

In the season 4 finale alternate reality, Wendell was re-imagined as the bouncer at Booth and Brennan's night club. In "The Girl in the Mask", Brennan compares Wendell to Clark and Vincent as the intern with "the most potential and an excellent work ethic".

In the Season 5 episode "The Bond in the Boot", everyone in Brennan's team but Wendell comes to know that Wendell can no longer work as an intern as his scholarship had run out of money due to the recession.

This fact is kept from him as Cam tries to figure out another scholarship for him until Brennan breaks the news to him assuming he was aware of it.

Wendell manages to work impressively on the case; and, by the time he was bidding everyone farewell, Camille tells him an anonymous donation has been made to support his scholarship.

A visibly affected Wendell thanks everyone, suspecting them of the good deed and leaves when he found it difficult to maintain composure.

Camille discreetly tells Brennan, Hodgins and Angela that the scholarship party actually received enough donations to fund the scholarship for "three" people.

As everyone exchanges knowing smiles and leaves, Brennan glances at Angela's appreciative smile, hinting that she knows more than is apparent; it's implied that Camille and Hodgins made the additional donations.

In the same season episode "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken", Wendell and a sex-deprived Angela, who has been celibate for almost six months, on the advice of Dr.

Sweets, end up sleeping together. However, Angela breaks it off with him later in the episode, "The Death of the Queen Bee", after Wendell learns that Angela mistakenly thought she might have been pregnant with his child.

Angela realized that, had she been pregnant, Wendell would have "done his duty" while Hodgins' offer was to stay with her because of love.

The breakup between the two was mutual and amicable, and they remained friends after the ordeal. In Season 8, it is indirectly revealed that he had posed nude for Angela, much to Hodgins' disillusionment.

In the Season 6 episode "The Mastodon in the Room", the fellowship program of the interns was closed down on Dr. Brennan's departure from the Jeffersonian Institute.

Wendell got a job working at a mechanic shop to save money for tuition. When Brennan came back and tried looking for an assistant, she learns all had branched out and left.

She came down to the mechanic shop to rehire Wendell who agreed to come back if the job was not a one-off. At Brennan's querying how much would he need for his tuition since all her money "was not much use in Maluku ", he smiles back and later is found to be working in the episode's case, indicating Brennan might have agreed to his terms.

He has appeared the most times of Dr. Brennan's interns. During Season 6, Wendell grows closer to Hodgins and Angela, who are expecting their first child, solidifying that there is no residual regret or angst left from Angela and Wendell's brief relationship.

Wendell shows several times that he is happy for the two, and it is insinuated the three have become very close friends over the duration of Season 6.

In Season 7, in "The Crack in the Code", at the end of the episode, Booth mentions that he is going to recruit Wendell in the restoration of Booth and Brennan's new house, as Wendell needs the money.

In season 8, the episode "The Patriot in Purgatory", Wendell reveals that his uncle was a fireman in New York City that perished during the events of September 11, In the episode "Big in the Philippines", he breaks his arm in a hockey accident.

Brennan later determines that he has Ewing's sarcoma , a rare bone cancer. Initially, Wendell wants to give up his work and explore the world using what time he has left, rather than suffer through chemotherapy.

Booth and Brennan, however, convince him to undergo treatment. In the episode "The High in the Low", Wendell reveals to Hodgins that he has been using medicinal marijuana to help with the side effects.

While Hodgins and Bones accept this because of his cancer, when he reveals this information to Cam, she is forced to fire him on the basis that the Jeffersonian is a federal institution and, despite the fact it will not affect his work ethic and it is helping his condition, marijuana use is illegal in federal facilities.

This decision upsets the team, including Cam, who was very remorseful for firing him. However, at the end of the episode, Booth persuades Caroline to make Wendell an independent case consultant, so he can still work with the Jeffersonian, albeit without being in contact with any evidence in the case.

He later goes into remission and is restored to his original position. He falls in love with a young nurse from the hospital and ends up dating her after his remission, despite his fear that he would relapse and break her heart if he died.

At the end of season 11, while dealing with a serial killer known as "The Puppeteer", Brennan has nightmares regarding Wendell, particularly Wendell with burned hands.

After Brennan is kidnapped, the team figures out that Wendell was standing in in Brennan's nightmares for who she thought the killer must be: someone who worked at the lab who had severe burns to his hands.

This, combined with the other evidence, leads the team to conclude that the killer is Zach Addy , who proves to be the one who abducted Brennan.

However, at the beginning of season 12, Zach ultimately proves to have been framed by the real killer, his doctor.

In late Season 12, Wendell struggles to write his thesis and Brennan helps him realize that his true passion is not forensic anthropology after all.

By the end of the series, Wendell plans to leave the Jeffersonian to discover his true passion while still maintaining contact with his friends.

He has not left by "The End in the End" when Wendell joins the other interns in trying to decipher a clue in a skeleton when Brennan's head injury prevents her from helping or even remembering what it was she had noticed that was so important.

It is ultimately Wendell who comes up with a realization of what Brennan saw that allows the team to discover the hideout of a dangerous serial killer that has been targeting Booth and Brennan.

Colin Fisher seasons 4—9, 11—12 is a perpetually pessimistic intern, who manages to even depress Cam. Fisher debuts in the episode "The Crank in the Shaft".

In regards to his pessimism, he was once asked by Cam if he had ever tried Prozac , to which he answered 'yes' but that it had had not much effect on him.

In spite of his pessimism, he seems to find Dr. Brennan's blunt, radical honesty and factual-ness to be more "awesome" than anyone else's attempts at kindness.

In "The Princess and the Pear", he admitted to being a "geek" and went undercover for a case at Imagicon, a fantasy convention.

His future at the Jeffersonian however, was placed in doubt after he admitted to sleeping with one of the suspects. In "The Critic in the Cabernet", he offers to let Brennan use his "discount sperm" for the baby she decides to have.

He is turned down, however, in favor of Booth. In the fourth-season finale, Fisher was re-imagined as the chef at Booth and Brennan's night club, "The Lab".

Fisher appears again in "The Gamer in the Grease" in season 5, where he has won three free tickets to the premiere of the science fiction film Avatar in which Joel David Moore, the actor who plays Fisher, has a supporting role.

Fisher invites Hodgins and Sweets to attend the premiere, but they must take turns standing in line in order to maintain their position.

Fisher ends up missing the movie, as he meets a woman in line and has sex with her in a tent on the sidewalk outside the theater.

In Episode 1 of Season 6, Caroline reveals that Fisher checked himself into a clinic with a case of the " hopeless vapors ".

He was re-instated in Episode 3 of Season 6; after correcting Hodgins that he was never suicidal, Fisher discloses that as he was sleeping 20 hours a day for a period of two months, his shrink had said that it was a serious warning sign.

His then-shrink also thinks that Fisher should get out of the forensic anthropology business; but as Fisher mentions to Cam, he tried to explain to his shrink that "it is not violent death that makes [Fisher] morbidly depressed, it was life itself", and that he is actually quite positive about his job.

Later, in Episode 13 of Season 6, "The Daredevil in the Mold", he works to cure himself of his depression, listening to calming music or the sounds of the sea, and drinking foul-smelling teas.

Fisher also reveals that he can read lips. Although he does not appear in Episode 20, "The Pinocchio in the Planter", Fisher is mentioned by fellow intern, Wendell, as "[didn't] need the money", when he put forward his argument Dr.

Saroyan as to why he needed the extra hours in the lab. Fisher returns in "The Twist in the Twister", in season 7, and reveals that he has recently had a stay at another mental health facility, "Verdant Valley" which he says, as "nuthouses" or "loony-bins" go, he gives a personal rating of "4 out of 5 nuts; fantastic game room, but the nightgowns chafed" , and that, as a condition of his release, he is living with his mother, who, although has yet to make a physical appearance, is put across as chipper, the opposite of her son, and who causes him bother by constantly phoning him at the Jeffersonian.

Arastoo Vaziri seasons 4—12 first appears in the episode "The Salt in the Wounds". He is of Iranian heritage and is a devout Muslim who prays five times a day.

Expecting others would find it odd that he is both a scientist and very religious, which his co-workers later confirmed, Vaziri decides to put on a false accent to sound "fresh off the boat" and thus make his religious devotion seem like an irrelevant byproduct of his heritage.

He eventually explains that he is in effect a political exile from his homeland. In later seasons it is revealed that he is a published poet, skilled in martial arts especially with a nunchaku and still speaks his native Farsi fluently despite being away from Iran for many years.

In the Season 4 alternate-reality finale, he was one of several lab techs re-imagined as a potential buyer of Booth and Brennan's night club.

In Season 5 episode 4, "The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood", he accidentally rants at Cam in his natural accent during an investigation and his secret is revealed to the team and the audience.

Cam promptly sends him to Dr. Sweets, who helps Vaziri work through the issues. His fears subside as the team accepts him as a fellow scientist after he gives them an honest explanation on how he reconciles his faith with science.

It is assumed that Vaziri is an American citizen as implied by his knowledge and love for baseball and the fact that he served in the US military as a translator.

In the Season 5 episode 14, "Devil in the Details", Vaziri revealed that he had served as a military translator in Iraq, where he killed an insurgent while defending his life after surviving an IED.

His fellow squad members did not survive. He still harbors guilt over having killed the attacker, despite having acted in self-defense.

In the Season 6 premiere, it is revealed he switched majors from forensic science to cultural anthropology and is interning at the Baghdad Museum.

Brennan's assistant and again in episode 21, "The Signs in the Silence", in which he helps to identify a mysterious deaf-mute girl found covered in blood.

Although he doesn't appear in Episode 20, "The Pinocchio in the Planter", he is mentioned by fellow intern, Wendell, according to whom; "Arastoo's family's loaded", when he put forward his argument Dr.

He also revealed that he was praying when he heard about the attacks, noting that he felt as though there was nothing to believe on that day.

In Season 8 episode 7 it is revealed that, at age 18, putting his age in the episode at 33 , Arastoo went to university in Tehran circa and was expelled for writing poetry about love, freedom, and democracy, which would have been deemed inappropriate in post- Revolution Iran.

He fled Iran and ended up in the United States as he feared for his life. It was also revealed in that episode that he is in a secret romantic relationship with Cam.

While in episode 20 in season 6 it was revealed that his family is well off, according to season 8 episode 7, "The Bod in the Pod", Arastoo is living on a limited budget.

It is also revealed in season 8 episode 18, "The Survivor in the Soap" that Arastoo's cousin was a child soldier and he harbors additional guilt over not being able to prevent his death.

In Season 8 episode 7, "The Bod in the Pod", it is also revealed that lab director Cam is in a romantic relationship with Arastoo. They keep their relationship secret from all but Hodgins and Angela until "The Survivor in the Soap", and in "The Pathos in the Pathogens" season 8 episode 23 she openly admits to being in love with him when his life is threatened with an altered strain of virus.

In season ten, Arastoo introduces Cam to his parents and begins talking about getting married. He later defiantly returns to Iran when his older brother is dying of cancer, not caring about how much he is putting himself in danger.

He is arrested, but freed after the team solves a high-profile murder. After his brother relapses and begins recovering, he returns home with Cam and Booth.

He appears in the season ten finale when he shows up to comfort Cam about Booth and Brennan's departure. In season 11, it is revealed that while Brennan was gone, he completed his doctorate and is now addressed as "Dr.

Daisy Wick seasons 4—12 is an intern who regards Brennan as her mentor, idol and role-model, unknown to Dr. She has the propensity to be irritating and annoyed the entire team, including Booth and even the usually calm Dr.

Brennan, with her poor impulse control, lack of consideration for the personal space of others, non-stop talking, and inadvertent insensitivity; eventually leading them to fire her twice so far.

In her second appearance, it is implied that Daisy comes from a large family, which further suggests that her impulsiveness and talkativeness is perhaps a way of getting attention.

Throughout the show, the team are seen resorting to various ways of making her "shut up"; Cam once asked Angela to take Daisy on a "joy ride" just to get her out of the lab.

Daisy is later shown to be dating Lance Sweets , who fires her on behalf of Cam so that they will no longer have to be discreet about their relationship.

He later persuades Dr. Brennan to re-hire Daisy whom he has taught self-control techniques on a hour probationary period.

Daisy and Dr. Brennan bond over the identification of the mummy of Anok, an Egyptian prince; and, when she is talking slowly enough to be understood, she proves herself to be a very knowledgeable and astute assistant.

In the episode, "The Bones on the Blue Line", Daisy mentions that she can speed read , as she has been doing so to read Dr. Brennan's new book, "Bone of Contention".

Later, after a near-death experience, Sweets proposes to Daisy, who accepts. Brennan and Sweets says that he would not wait for her.

Upon the reassembly of the team in the Season 6 premiere, her relationship with Sweets is unclear since he adamantly rejects her request to return to their engaged status.

At the end of the episode, Sweets and Daisy reconcile, having been unable to keep their hands off each other.

Although she doesn't appear in Episode 20, "The Pinocchio in the Planter", Daisy is mentioned by fellow intern, Wendell, as "[didn't] need the money", when he put forward his argument Dr.

In season 7, in "The Prince in the Plastic", Daisy reveals that, as a child, she had the entire collection of the " Prince Charmington " dolls and accessories franchise, and still has them all, and is still is a fanatic while assisting Booth in investigating a crime scene at the factory when none of Booth's usual field partners were available.

In "The Prisoner in the Pipe", she reveals that she is also becoming a certified doula. Later, though, Sweets starts to have doubts about moving in with her, especially after seeking advice from Angela and Booth, as he realizes that cohabitation has different connotations for both of them and could cause a potential conflict—Daisy saw it as a step towards a serious romantic relationship while Sweets viewed it as merely friends sharing an apartment together.

Sweets gives her the key to the apartment, allowing her to live there herself. In season 9 episode "The Source of the Sludge", Daisy fails her post-graduate orals.

Feeling under the weather she seeks Sweets advice; though he misinterpreted her feelings for something more.

He then believes she missed him, though she was flattered at the sentiment, that wasn't the case. She playfully admits she did sometimes miss him and the sex they enjoyed; especially the sex.

In the season 10 premiere, she is revealed to had reunited with Sweets again and it has resulted in a pregnancy. She was staying with Sweets as they began plans for their future together.

Daisy also tells Booth they were expecting a boy; whom she affectionately nicknamed "Little Lance". She then asks Booth to be godfather on behalf of Sweets.

Their plans are cut short, when Sweets is killed by an unknown assailant. Though she's distraught, she insists that on helping with the autopsy for him.

The next episode, though Daisy is still in grief, she is given comfort by Dr. Brennan and the others; stating that they were the closest to hers and Sweets' family.

During the investigation, Daisy is surprised to see the name "Seeley" written in his notes before he was killed; when the others asked the significance of Booth's name, she reveals it was the name they had agreed on for their son, they were going to name him after Booth.

Brennan were the attendees. Daisy held his urn and spread his ashes over the park that held a big significance to both of them.

When she is asked out a few months after Sweets' death, she becomes guilty and conflicted, but is helped by Brennan to realize that she does not need to replace Sweets.

When Brennan leaves the Jeffersonian in the season ten finale, she tells Daisy that she is very proud of her and that she feels better about leaving knowing that Daisy is working there.

In the season four alternate reality finale, Daisy is re-imagined as a coat-check girl at Booth and Brennan's night club. Finn Abernathy seasons 7—9 is an intern at the Jeffersonian Institute first introduced in the episode "The Hot Dog in the Competition".

He is a sweet southern boy who is trying to live without the shadow of his past haunting him. Finn had a criminal record with charges including attacking his stepfather with a knife when he abused his mother, but was later expunged.

Finn decided to quit, but he came back and received a warning from Brennan. After he returns to his work, Brennan asks him if his interest in forensic anthropology was related to a plan to kill his stepfather, to which he answered yes.

She also asked him if he actually killed his stepfather, to which he answered no because after reading a paper she had published, he knew there was no possible way to cover up the murder if he had actually committed it.

He is the youngest of the interns to join the lab at the age of It is revealed in the season 8 episode "The Patriot in Purgatory" that, on September 11 and at the age of 9, Finn got between his mother and stepfather.

He was stabbed with a pair of scissors, but didn't go to the hospital due to the comparison he felt between the attack on the Twin Towers and his mere injury.

Finn gets along especially well with Hodgins, with the latter frequently treating him like a surrogate brother.

In a number of episodes, Finn's favorite food has been identified as Catfish , which his late grandmother would serve him with her own hotsauce recipe, mentioned in the season 8 episode, "The Maiden in the Mushrooms", where Hodgins, having helped himself to the last of Finn's last bottle of his late grandmother's hotsauce, uses the lab's Mass spectrometer to figure out all of the ingredients.

Later in the same episode "The Maiden in the Mushrooms" , with the hotsauce's recipe figured out , Finn and Hodgins patent the hotsauce as "Opie and Thurston's Hotsauce".

By the time of the events of the season 9 episode, "The Turn in the Urn", the hotsauce is commented upon being very successful.

In the earlier season 9 episode, "The Mystery in the Meat", fellow intern, Oliver Wells , admits he loves the hot sauce, having it "every morning on his eggs for breakfast".

Oliver Wells seasons 8—11 is an intern and polymath with multiple degrees and a IQ. He is portrayed as having a wide range of interests, ranging from physics to psychology , and considers himself to be very open-minded, even on subjects like time travel , or if there is life after death , or asteroid mining.

Hodgins immediately gets along with Oliver, calling him his "Brother from another Mother". When he is stuck on a problem, Oliver likes to eat sticks of string cheese , even if eating inside the lab is against the rules.

However, in the season 9, while he is brilliant, he is also shown to lack tact , and he is believed to have a bit of a superiority complex , much to everyone's dismay, has a rather abrasive personality, and is also one of the few interns who regularly and often obliviously gets on the nerves of Dr.

Brennan and their boss Dr. Camille Saroyan. In the episode " The Mystery in the Meat ", he and Daisy are shown to dislike each other but eventually call a truce by the end of the episode.

In season 9 , in "The Lady on the List", after failing to make any common ground with his co-workers socially during the case, Brennan and Hodgins are the only ones who he can have a conversation on equal grounds , Oliver gets to know "VAL", a new computerized profiling system , describing their conversations as "the most stimulating conversation [he's] ever had".

In "The Mystery in the Meat", season 9, episode 10 , Wells reveals to Hodgins that, since Hodgins and Finn released "Opie and Thurston's" Hot sauce , he has been having it every morning on his eggs for breakfast.

In season 10 , in "The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round", Oliver is shown growing out his beard, and he declares that it is his ambition now to surpass Brennan as the world's leading authority on forensic anthropology; by season 11, his abrasive manner appears to have softened a little, though he still irritates Cam and Brennan on occasion.

Vincent Nigel-Murray seasons 4—6 is always styled as "Mr. Brennan and Dr. Saroyan, a subtle reminder he had not yet earned his doctorate.

Vincent is an intern with a " retentive memory ", and has a habit of reciting trivia only tangentially relevant to the situation at hand.

An Englishman and a graduate of the University of Leeds, he is one of the several rotating interns who take on the duties of Dr.

Zack Addy after Season 3. Vincent's first appearance is in "The He in the She". After Cam takes him into the field, Dr.

Brennan insists his place is in the lab and sends him back. At the end of the episode, he and Dr.

Saroyan agree he would resign as Dr. Brennan's intern because he did not fit in with the rest of the team; but he returns in "Double Trouble in the Panhandle".

The episode "The Bones that Foam" reveals that his thoughts sometimes freeze when he is nervous so he would bring himself back to focus by reciting random facts: "Facts are the stitches that hold the fabric of existence together".

He also drinks what the team refers to as "odd smelling tea". In "The Girl in the Mask", as Dr. Brennan reviews her personnel files, she comments "Vincent is the most intelligent", prompting Booth to say she should pick him because that is what she likes.

He returns in "The Babe in the Bar", having finished his trip around the world. It is also revealed that he is a recovering alcoholic.

Although she refused to admit it at first, Brennan enjoyed working with him from the beginning, even after their falling out when Booth got her drunk and "fired" her, and, in Season 1, she cajoled him into launching an investigation after finding three bone fragments on a golf course so he could work with the Jeffersonian team on the case despite the fact that the FBI had no jurisdiction.

Booth has admitted to Brennan and her father that he finds her "well-structured" and "beautiful," and has once reassured her that she has "her looks and a whole lot more".

Booth's grandfather Hank and Bones' father Max expressed approval of their relationship early on, even before Booth and Bones openly admitted that they were more than just professional partners, and Hank and Max incredulously asked Booth if he was gay when he denied that he was romantically involved with Bones.

Throughout the show, Booth and Brennan's differences in worldviews are regularly addressed by various characters and was the source of friction early on in their partnership.

She was dismissive of his religious beliefs and organized religion in general and would take the opportunity to downplay it.

In Season 2 Booth expelled her from the interrogation room after she repeatedly made insensitive remarks, despite her good intentions, during an interview with a parish priest.

She gradually comes to respect and admire his faith when she realizes that it was his way of coping with the trauma and violence he witnesses on a regular basis at work.

In numerous episodes she is shown trying to be supportive of Booth in spite of her social awkwardness, which Booth admits he finds endearing.

When Sweets was observing them and writing a book on their relationship, Dr. Gordon Wyatt noted that Booth and Brennan are actually more similar despite appearing to be polar opposites — both experienced traumatic childhoods, are highly competent in their respective fields and extremely guarded about their personal lives.

Although they maintained their different views after becoming a couple, they are shown to be very protective and trusting of one another.

Booth often takes Bones along to his investigations and interrogations, despite his superiors' and Caroline's initial reservations about a "squint" being in the field.

Initially he was irritated by the scientific jargon she frequently used but over time comes to enjoy her company.

He also taught her some investigative techniques and "black ops stuff", such as using a credit card to break open a locked door. In the field, he sometimes takes advantage of her status as a civilian to obtain information which he, as a federal agent, would otherwise be unable to obtain without going through the time-consuming bureaucratic process.

They often go undercover together as a couple whenever a case requires. He is extremely protective of her, and is often defensive of her to the point of physically assaulting those who pose a threat to her safety.

Likewise, Bones has defended him whenever his ability is called into question and repeatedly made known that Booth is the only FBI agent she and the other "squints" tolerate working with.

In the third season, their relationship takes on a new component when they are forced to undergo partners therapy with Sweets, who observes that they are very close and there is emotional and sexual tension between them.

Partners therapy is extended indefinitely. The partners share their first in a flashback and third kisses in "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole"; the second occurs in "The Santa in the Slush" when Booth and Brennan agree to kiss under mistletoe in front of Caroline Julian, an attorney Booth frequently works with.

Nearly every episode after season three ends with a scene of Booth and Brennan bonding, which become increasingly romantic over time, reflecting the ever-growing affection Booth and Brennan have for each other.

This comes to a head in "The Critic in the Cabernet," [] in which Brennan asks Booth to donate sperm to father her child.

He is startled but eventually agrees. The two begin making plans for her insemination, but before she can go through with it, Booth is diagnosed with a brain tumor.

In Season five, Booth realizes his love for Brennan as he recovers from his tumor. However, he is cautioned by both Dr. Saroyan and Dr.

Sweets to be sure of his feelings before confessing his love to Brennan. Afraid that his feelings for her are related solely to his tumor and coma, Booth is conflicted about whether or not to tell Brennan.

Afterwards, their relationship remains fraught with sexual tension. Although she shares his feelings, Brennan rejects his advance and states her uncertainty about the possible outcomes of such a relationship given their seemingly conflicting personalities.

Booth agrees to respect her wishes and attempts to move on as they continue to work together. In the episode " The Boy with the Answer ", Booth is confronted with the possibility that Brennan, claiming she is "tired of dealing with murders and victims and sadness and pain", might leave the Jeffersonian permanently.

In the final scene of this episode, Booth watches as Brennan turns to face him while riding away in a taxi. Brennan departs for a year-long anthropological expedition to the Maluku Islands , while Booth agrees to spend a year in Afghanistan, training soldiers to apprehend terrorists.

Their relationship takes a downturn after their return to DC due to Booth's relationship with journalist Hannah Burley; Brennan is apparently disappointed after learning that Hannah gets along with Parker.

When Brennan admits that she still has feelings for Booth, he turns her down and says that he loves Hannah. Hannah departs after she turns down Booth's rather half-hearted proposal.

Brennan and Booth begin to rekindle their relationship. Later that night, Brennan is still overcome with grief over Vincent's death and she turns to Booth for comfort.

The two fall into his bed together in a seemingly intimate but non-sexual embrace. The next day, she tells Angela Montenegro that she "got into bed with Booth".

In the following episode, she tells Booth that she is pregnant with his child. At the start of season seven, a very pregnant Brennan and Booth are in a relationship and going back and forth between apartments.

Booth suggests that they should have their own place; Brennan wants Booth to move into her apartment. It causes a minor rift between them.

At the end of the episode they are in bed looking at houses on the internet. Booth also tells Brennan he loves her and left it to her to decide when she wants to get married.

After much discussion, Booth and Brennan agree to give up their apartments and move in together.

In the episode " The Crack in the Code ", they decide to buy a two-story house in the suburbs—which they jokingly called "The Mighty Hut"—that Booth found at a police auction and renovate it, according to a mailed check sent to Brennan in "The Heiress in the Hill", in season 9 , the "Mighty Hut"'s address is " Janus Street, Washington DC, ".

In the following episode, Booth delivers their daughter in a small stable off the road when Brennan cannot make it to the hospital to give birth.

Booth also tells Bones that she would be the one to ask him to marry her since he believed in marriage and she was the one who needed the make the decision.

In the season finale Bones is framed by tech-savvy serial killer Christopher Pelant , who is released when the jury finds him "not guilty".

Bones, with help from Max, is forced to go on the run with Christine in order to avoid being arrested and buy Booth and the team enough time to clear her.

Prior to her departure, she and Booth had Christine christened into the Catholic church out of respect for his religious beliefs.

The family reunite in the Season 8 premiere and, by the second episode, Bones and Christine have returned home.

However the couple have some difficulty readjusting after nearly three months apart with almost no contact with one another.

Booth puts up a facade but was still resentful and bitter over the separation. They resolve their differences by the end of the episode.

At the end of Season 8, Brennan finally decides to marry Booth, who is overjoyed. However, their plans are ruined when a vengeful Christopher Pelant blackmails Booth, threatening to kill five random people if Booth marries Brennan.

Booth calls off the wedding, but does not explain the real reason to Brennan. For the first several episodes of the season, despite their efforts to mask the frustration and resentment, there was much tension between the two of them and between Booth and the other squints, who accused Booth of being unfaithful and getting "cold feet" at the last minute.

At the end of the episode, Brennan decides to stay with Booth, much to his relief, and tell him that she is willing to trust him.

After killing Pelant, Booth reveals to Bones Pelant's threats and why he called the wedding off. He then reiterates his marriage proposal, which she happily accepts.

Bones agreed to a church wedding after realizing the sacrifice Booth had made as the Catholic church does not condone co-habitation; Aldo had told her that Booth was willing to sacrifice his soul and "live in sin" if it meant being with her.

She rationalized the decision, saying that she could see the "beauty" behind the ceremony and tradition associated with a Catholic wedding and added that she also knew Latin.

With Angela's help, they hold a last-minute simple garden ceremony outside the Jeffersonian. Aldo presided over the ceremony in the presence of Booth's mother Marianne, grandfather Hank and son Parker, Bones' father Max and their close friends from the Jeffersonian.

They spent their honeymoon in Buenos Aires , Argentina. Their infant son Hank Jr. Rebecca Stinson, portrayed by Jessica Capshaw , is Booth's ex-girlfriend.

When she became pregnant, Booth proposed but Stinson did not accept. They named their son Parker Matthew Booth, the first name "Parker" after Booth's friend who died in the army.

They occasionally engage in a liaison, but are mostly just friends. Booth resolves to end their liaisons after Rebecca assuages his doubts that he was a good father to Parker.

Booth rekindles an old relationship with Dr. Camille Saroyan when she joins the Jeffersonian team. Booth asserts that on-the-job romantic relationships endanger the team in high-pressure situations.

Booth has known Saroyan for some length of time; in Season 4, it is stated that she has known Booth and his brother Jared for some 15 years.

She was one of the few characters who already knew about the brothers' abusive childhood and they call each other by their first names, at least in private; there is a running joke where Booth counters with, "Don't call me Seeley," to which Cam replies, "Don't call me Camille.

Hannah Burley, portrayed by Katheryn Winnick , is Booth's ex-girlfriend whom he met while training soldiers in Afghanistan. She was originally in Afghanistan as a journalist.

She moved to Washington D. However, they soon break up when Hannah rejects Booth's half-hearted proposal and she moves out of his apartment.

Booth's appointment to the Jeffersonian was met with mixed reaction from Bones' team members. In the first few episodes, it was apparent that Booth did not fit in with the "squints" and was immediately put-off by the scientific jargon they use when discussing a case.

He gradually develops a close working relationship and becomes friends with them outside of work. This was evidenced in the Season 2 episode " Judas on a Pole ", when Booth was "suspended without pay" by the Deputy Director for pursuing a thirty-year-old cover-up in order to solve the more recent murder of a fellow FBI agent, Bones and the rest of the team, realizing that it meant that Booth can no longer work with them, all volunteer to continue the investigation so that Booth will be reinstated.

At the end of the episode Booth was reinstated and Bones invites him to join the rest of the team in celebrating Zack Addy's appointment at the Jeffersonian, telling him that "we are, all of us, your squints".

The rest of the team have since accepted Booth, as shown in several episodes where Booth's life was threatened and the "squints" all go the extra mile to ensure his safety.

Whenever one of them encounters a traumatic event e. Early in Season 1 Jack Hodgins was particularly hostile to him due to his disdain for the government and bureaucracy in general.

Booth's patriotism, position as a federal agent and military background and Hodgins' argumentative nature further added to the friction.

At the end of the second season, he agrees to be Hodgin's best man in his wedding to Angela Montenegro albeit as the second choice after Zack Addy turned the position down.

Hodgins also asks for Booth's advice about proposing to Angela. Of the "squints", Booth gets along best with Angela Montenegro due to her ability to relate to him in layman's terms and knowledge of pop culture.

Angela was initially attracted to Booth. When she realizes that Booth and Bones were "meant for each other", she repeatedly attempts to match-make them.

She often gave both of them tips on how to get along with and appease the other. After failing to woo a colleague, "Naomi from paleontology", whom he was attracted to, Addy approached Booth for "advice" in the episode " A Boy in a Tree ", much to Booth's annoyance and did so ever since.

Booth has threatened to shoot Addy on several occasions out of exasperation. Booth convinces Addy that ignoring one another is a form of male bonding in order to deter Addy from continuously asking him anymore awkward questions and so that he could avoid hurting Addy's feelings.

In Season 2 Addy receives a letter from the White House requesting his services in Iraq and Addy asks Booth if "it hurt to get shot", as Booth was the only one of the group who had any first-hand combat experience in a war zone.

When Booth asks him why, he shows Booth the letter, explaining that he chose to ask Booth as the latter "[knows] more about duty and honor than anyone else I know".

Following the climax of the events at the end of season 3, Booth regrets that he had never talked much to Zack, feeling that if he had he would have caught onto Zack's affiliation with Gormogon sooner and could, perhaps, have done something about it.

When fellow FBI agent Dr. Lance Sweets first joined the team, Booth treated him in a condescending manner, due to his youth and boyish looks.

Booth was one of the few who acknowledged the importance of psychological insight into an investigation and would bring Sweets along to investigations, albeit grudgingly — he disliked Sweets' habit of repeatedly questioning him when he was in a bad mood or confronting him with details of his private life when in the car en route to the crime scene despite Sweets' good intentions.

Whenever Sweets made him feel uncomfortable in that manner, he would interrupt and cut him off with a sarcastic comment or directly tell him to be quiet.

Booth became less sarcastic and more understanding with Sweets when he learns about the latter's own abusive childhood and subsequent yearning for a family after the death of his adoptive parents as he himself was abused as a child.

Since then Sweets has been a close friend to Booth and his family outside of work. He also consults Sweets on a number of issues, including his feelings for Bones.

When Booth was suspended from the field, he consulted with Dr. Gordon Wyatt instead of Sweets, who is the department's designated psychologist, in order to avoid having to put Sweets in a difficult position of having to choose between their friendship and his professional responsibility.

In Season 8 he invites Sweets to stay at his and Bones' home while Sweets deals with his second break-up with Daisy; Sweets helped with the chores and would babysit Christine.

In the Season 10 premiere Sweets and Daisy are back together and ask Booth to be the godfather of their unborn son.

The character is killed off later in the episode, leaving Booth visibly distraught. Booth is generally wary of most of the "squinterns" due to their eccentric personalities, especially Aubrey's one-time love interest Jessica Warren and Sweets' girlfriend Daisy Wick.

He is good friends with Wendell Bray , one of Brennan's favorite interns, and they play ice hockey together on the same amateur team.

In Season 9, Booth is visibly distraught when Brennan tells him that she suspects Wendell has Ewing's sarcoma.

When Cam was forced to fire Wendell for using medical marijuana due to Jeffersonian rules, [] Booth, with Bones' and Caroline's help, find a loophole and Wendell is re-employed as an independent consultant reviewing case files and evidence reports, much to Cam's relief and delight.

John Kubicek of BuddyTV placed him on his list of the "15 Hottest TV Dads", describing the occasional moments he shares with his son as "tender and real".

Booth's background and personal tastes loosely mirrors that of actor David Boreanaz , who portrays the character. Boreanaz, though born in Buffalo , is from the Philadelphia area, supports the Flyers and was an avid athlete in school.

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